Ngā Tikanga me ngā Here Whakamahi

Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko Participant Data Agreement

To support the ongoing improvement of Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko, we are asking users for permission to analyse anonymised user data about how this programme is used, and users’ feedback about how it could be improved.

Users’ personal information (names, email addresses) are securely stored, and will never be visible to evaluators.

Read more below about the use of data for evaluation purposes.

If you do not want your data to be used for evaluation purposes, you can opt out during the registration process.

Detailed Participant Data Agreement

Evaluation is an important part of Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko. By gathering information and feedback from users, we can continue to improve the programme and ensure that it is working for all kaiako, teachers, tumuaki, and principals.

Which data are we asking your permission to use for evaluation?

Anonymised information that may be used for evaluation, with your permission, include:

  • Region, English or Maori medium, school name, teaching role
  • Progress through courses
  • Badges achieved
  • Results on Self Review Tool
  • Events enrolled for
  • Metadata about use of the website and components of the programme.

Your personal details (name, email address) will be securely stored and will never be visible to evaluators.

Who will see this data?

Anonymous data will be seen by the website administrator and researchers from The New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) who are leading the evaluation of the programme.

Collated (grouped) anonymous data will be seen periodically in reports generated for leaders and facilitators of the programme, including CORE Education and partner organisations including Computer Science Education Research Group, University of Canterbury (UC CSERG), UC Education Plus (EdPlus), Young Animators (YA), Digital Technology Teachers Aotearoa (DTTA), AATEA Solutions, Code Club Aotearoa (Code Club), The Open Polytechnic, Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust and Te Papa Tongarewa.

The Ministry of Education, as funders of the programme will periodically receive collated and anonymous data reports as part of regular monitoring and evaluation of the programme.

What happens if I opt out?

If you opt out, we will not use your individualised data described above for evaluation purposes.

However, as part of the evaluation and reporting, CORE Education will provide statistics about total number of unique users registering on the website and using various components, and you will still be counted in these statistics.

Will I be asked to do anything else for the evaluation?

You may also be asked to give voluntary feedback on other components of the programme in the future, but it is always your choice about whether to give us feedback. We will give you more information about these activities at the time they occur.

Data storage

Collected data will be stored securely in systems and platforms only accessible to the security and development teams. Data is secured in CORE Education’s AWS platforms using encryption.

Access to non-anonymised data is held behind firewalls and jump stations.

Who can I contact about the evaluation?

If you have questions about the evaluation, please contact