Rauemi Pīkau

Resource Toolkits

Explore, learn and connect with the revised curriculum content and discover what a practical application of integrating Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko into your learning programme through Raeumi Pīkau can be. Each Rauemi Pīkau is a comprehensive exemplar or model of how you might integrate Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko, into your local curriculum in relevant and authentic contexts.

Concepts explored in our Rauemi Pīkau

You can explore each of the concepts we use in our Raeumi Pīkau, within the resource itself, or by following the links below. Te Ao Māori concepts used in our Rauemi Pīkau cannot easily be translated into English, however, we have provided a few resources to help you understand the concepts to complement the learning you do inside the resource itself.


In Te Takanga o te Wā, explore Kaitiakitanga and Tūrangawaewae. This is a downloadable PDF available through the Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI).

Here is a useful reo rua / bilingual resource for Kaitiakitanga.

Download Rauemi Pīkau - Kaitiakitanga:

Hauora me te Whanaungatanga

You can find a wealth of information on the internet about Hauora, including these key resources:

Download Rauemi Pīkau: Hauora me te Whanaungatanga

Te Manaaki i a Papatūānuku

This concept has a vast range of related resources available on the internet, centred around caring for our environment. In this Rauemi Pīkau, we focus our attention on reducing waste.

Te Mahana Haere o te Moana nui-a-kiwa is a Māori-medium resource exploring climate change.

Download a PDF version of Te Mahana Haere o te Moana nui a kiwa here:

Visit the Ministry for the Environment website regarding waste management exploring why it is important to us.

You can also explore the Para Kore website with many resources about looking after our environment and the planet.

Download Rauemi Pīkau - Te Manaaki i a Papatūānuku:


As well as exploring Te Takanga o te Wā, you will find a reo rua / bilingual resource for Tūrangawaewae on the Pūtātara / Education website.

Explore Tūrangawaewae here.

Download Rauemi Pīkau - Turangawaewae:

Concepts and Contexts

We have pre-selected concepts and contexts in order to provide a wide range of meaningful and relevant possible learning activities.

The concepts we have selected are based on bicultural themes in keeping with our uniquely Aotearoa approach to learning in the Kia Takatū ā-Matihiko | National Digital Readiness programme.

The contexts were selected by our writing team to align with the concepts, and we have been mindful to try and select contexts that could be easily adapted to your local curriculum. Authentic and meaningful contexts support students to take action. They will contribute to their local community as well as having a positive impact on themselves and others such as their whānau, iwi/hapū and wider community.

How to use Rauemi Pīkau

We suggest you might use this resource in the following way.

  • Read through the Rauemi Pīkau to support your own understanding.

  • Work alongside your colleagues to explore ways in which you might integrate and DT and HM into your local curriculum, using your own authentic and meaningful concepts and contexts.

  • Pick aspects of our Rauemi Pīkau and personalise the learning to your context by considering how you might adapt them to meet your needs, ages, and stages of your students.

  • Share your learning to support the learning of others by sharing your integrated plan with others in Ngā Kiriahi!

Download your own copy of our blank template here: