Is there a charge for using Kia Takatū?

No. All material in the Kia Takatū programme, including all meetups & resources like pīkau and Ngā kiriahi (Community of Practice) is completely free of charge. No costs will be paid for transport or accommodation.

Login/Access problems

I didn’t get my activation email

  • It might be that your email address was misspelled when you signed up, or it’s trapped in a spam filter somewhere. Check your spam filters and then contact for assistance.

I go to Sign In or Sign Up, but can’t see anywhere to enter my username and password

  • We have found that these problems are often caused by ad blockers in your browser. You can add our domain, to the whitelist in your adblocker. This should solve the issue. Contact if you need help with this.

When I try to log in, I get the message “We noticed you are having trouble logging in. Please note that if you signed-up using Facebook, Google or LinkedIn you will need to use this method to sign-in”.

  • There are three possibilities why this might happen:

    • Your account is not activated - you must click on the link in the activation email that is sent to your email address to activate your account. If you didn’t receive one, email for assistance.

    • Your email or password has been incorrectly entered, either when logging in or during the initial signup process. If you did not get your activation email, it’s probably the latter.

    • You must use the same method to sign in with as you used to sign up. If you registered using Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, you must use the appropriate button on the left of the Sign In form to log in, not the Email and Password fields on the right. If you can’t remember which one you used, you can contact to find out.

I can log in, but I can’t access any parts of the site apart from the Profile.

  • In order to access all parts of the site, you must first complete the required fields (denoted by *) in your Kia Takatū profile

  • Filling in your profile will give you access to the following resources:

    • Te Tokorima-a-Mahuika (Self & Group Review Tool)
    • Pīkau (Toolkits)
    • Ki te Ahikāroa (Meetups)
    • Ngā Kiriahi (Community of Practice)

Profile Issues

How do I change my email address?

  • You can do this through your profile page. If you get stuck please email for assistance. We will need your old address and your new address. If you no longer have access to the old address we will need to ask some questions to verify your identity.

I can’t find my school or ECE in the dropdown on the profile page

  • If your school doesn’t show up, you can try typing more letters, or if possible try typing unique or less common text to your school that’s likely to produce fewer results. Use the scroll bar at the side to scroll down and see further entries.

    For example, if your school name is “St Joseph’s (Taihape)”, searching for “Taihape” will be more likely to produce a result as there many Saint Joseph’s in New Zealand but only six matching schools in Taihape.

    Note that in the case of Te Kura Kaupapa Māori, most of these are abbreviated to TKKM, but sometimes it is spelled out in full, so you may need to try both to get a result. Similarly, “Saint” is usually abbreviated to “St” (with no “.” afterwards), but sometimes also spelled in full.

    If you still can’t find your school, contact support at or use “Other”.

I am not from a school or ECE - what do I put in this field?

  • If you are not from a school or ECE, use “Other.

Self Review and Group Tool

I have set up a Group in the Self and Group Review tool, but I can’t see the report.

  • You need to have at least three members in a Group before the report becomes visible. This is to protect the anonymity of Group members.


I can’t make it to a Meetup that I am registered for - can I cancel?

  • You can cancel your registration for the Meetup by signing in to Kia Takatū, going to, clicking on the View Registration button underneath the Meetup concerned, and clicking on Cancel Your Registration.


I completed several Pīkau, but when I logged in again later I noticed my progress is missing.

  • The first thing to check is that you are logged into the correct account if you have more than one. To keep it simple, we recommend that you have only one Kia Takatū account.

    If you are sure that you are logged in to the correct account and still can’t see your progress, contact for assistance.

I have completed a Pīkau, but the graphics on the main Dashboard aren’t reflecting this.

  • The Pīkau percentages on the main Dashboard only update each hour, so any Pīkau you’ve just completed will not necessarily show up immediately.

I can’t get 100% on some Pīkau even when everything is completed

  • The content in some of the older Pīkau has been modified and therefore it's not possible to achieve 100% in these anymore. You don’t need to do anything further.


I would like to delete my Kia Takatū account